SEO OR PPC? Which One Should You Choose?

seo or ppc which is better for your business - SEO OR PPC? Which One Should You Choose?

You might’ve already heard this somewhere on the internet that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. And that is true, because it is very similar to how having more people coming into your shop is important for an offline clothing store, like American Apparel.

But HOW you get that traffic, is debatable. Because different businesses use different strategies to get that. And right now on the internet, SEO and PPC are two most powerful strategies one can use to literally ramp up their business from doing just fine, to being listed in the fortune 500 companies list.

But let’s keep our feet on the ground for now.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

And even though their end goal is the same, the way they help you reach that end goal is very different.

I know what you might be thinking right now, “What if I use both of these methods and get the best of both worlds?”

That might be possible. But remember the 80/20 rule (Pareto’s principle). You will always notice that sometimes one method can work very well for you and yields almost 80% ROI while the other method is just getting by. It all depends on the situation.

And that is the reason why I find myself writing this article today. I want to list down the situations in which you can use these marketing strategies and be successful. And if you find yourself in one of those situations, you can be sure which marketing strategy will work and go to town with it.


Situations In Which SEO Works the Best

SEO is just a couple of methods that a person can use to rank their website higher in search engines like Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo.

These days having an SEO strategy is almost mandatory for every online and offline business. And the traffic that they get from their hard work is justified. Recent statistics show that almost 80% of the traffic from the internet comes from search engines.

Imagine that!

So, even if you get a very small piece of that pie, you will be swimming in cash without a doubt. So, let’s see the situations in which SEO will be the perfect marketing strategy for your business.


  • When You’re Looking for Consistent Results

This is the #1 reason why people love SEO so much. Once your website ranks on page 1 on Google, you will be staying there for a long time. And you will definitely be enjoying some consistent traffic from those rankings. And if your conversion rates are all good, you can also enjoy some consistent revenue from them as well.

Of course it will take you months to reach to the first page, but as long as you are able to maintain those rankings, you will be staying there for a long time.

  • When You’re Planning to Sell Your Website

If that is the case, then SEO is your best bet for increasing the overall marketvalue of your website.

Think of your website as a real estate property. Only, this property is virtual, and it can change neighborhoods. So, imagine how much you could sell it for if this property were in Downtown Manhattan.

Probably millions, right?

Well, you might not be able to sell your website for millions of dollars, but you will be getting the next best thing – a higher marketprice. And you might already know that the marketprice depends on a ton of factors, your niche is the biggest one.

And these days it is even easier to rank your website on page 1 mainly because you can create websites on content management systems like WordPress, Weebly, etc. That makes it easier and simpler for the average Joe to get things up and running as fast as possible. And I truly believe that when you’re taking action, is when you are increasing your chances of winning. So, make sure you check out our website at for more in-depth information on how you can create an extensive SEO marketing campaign.


When Should You Use PPC?

Pay Per Click is a completely different story.

With this strategy you won’t have to wait months to start seeing some results. You can start seeing them right away.

PPC is an advertising method that appears everywhere on the internet. It is the ads that are shown before you get to watch a YouTube video, or the ads that you see on Google labelled as Sponsored Results above the organic results.

The reason why it is named pay per click, is because you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Some of the most popular PPC advertising platforms include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

So when should you use PPC advertising for your business?


  • When You’re Looking for Immediate Results

It is possible that your business might work best when you are seeing immediate results. And PPC is the best tool for that.

You can literally test 10 campaigns today and decide which one is the winner and then capitalize on that ad.

And on most of these PPC advertising platforms, your campaigns are almost instantly approved. This means you will face no waiting time.

  • When You’re Looking for Laser-Targeted Traffic

If you’re selling something that can only appeal to a certain demographic. And that might be hard to get through SEO, then go for PPC.

You have no idea how laser-targeted you can make these campaigns. You can literally select the neighborhoods in which you want to advertise.

How cool is that?



At the end of the day, it all depends on what your business needs right now and what kind of marketing budget you are running with. You will always have limited resources at any point in time. So might as well make a good, educated decision on how you’re going to use those resources to their fullest extent.

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