Hi guys. My name is Kevin Baltzell.

My goal for this website is to point people to the right direction when it comes to SEO. I see all the time that people mislead other people just so they can have less competition. But that is just wrong.

I see a ton of people posting in the Warrior Forum or in the Facebook groups about what latest SEO technique is working and what’s not working. But where they disappear, is when people ask them for proof and the techniques that brought them those results.

With this website, I plan on changing that. I will pull the curtains and show you everything you need to know to rank your website on page 1 after the latest Google update. And not just that, I will also show you the techniques that I have personally used to maintain my rankings for over 5 years. That’s half a decade of massive Google algorithm updates.

So, hang on tight because this is going to be one exciting adventure 🙂


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