Lancaster, NY 14086

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Join us in our daily walk with CHRIST


Our Bishop is The Rt. Rev. John E. Mack .

  We are a Catholic community that has been in existence since 1897.  As a family oriented community of believers,  we welcome those who share our traditional catholic beliefs to consider becoming members of our Diocesan family.

You will find the members of our Diocesan community to be warm, friendly and caring Catholic believers who live by their faith.  Our mission includes spiritual, educational and faith building activities that are essential to every day Christian Life.  Come and worship with us at Holy Mass,  partcipate in our parish programs and join our Diocesan Family in its daily walk with Christ.

A Catholic church where each parish decides it's own destiny.

A Catholic church that welcomes all who wish to follow Christ.
A Catholic church whose property is owned by the people who purchase,

build and maintain it.
You don't have to imagine anymore!