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Welcome to our Web Site


   We invite you to explore the information we have presented here and hope it will acquaint you with the life,  mission and vision of the twenty two Missions and Parishes of our Catholic Diocese. 

WE ARE AN APOSTOLIC CHURCH… following in Apostolic Succession from the Apostles, along with our sister churches the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.  This simply means that all three Catholic Churches are separate but equal, mutually recognizing the validity of each others priesthood, sacraments and the Mass.

The Buffalo Pittsburgh Diocese was founded in 1928 with the Right Rev. John Zenon Jasinski being consecrated as its first Bishop Ordinary.   I am the eighth Bishop Ordinary to serve this Diocese,  following a tradition of catholic and orthodox predecessors.

We hope this site will keep you informed about the life,  history and work of the Polish National Catholic Church as it is presented through mission work in our Diocese.  We welcome your inquires.   May God Bless You.

In humble service,

+ John E. Mack

Bishop of the Buffalo Pittsburgh

Diocese,  PNCC